Beautiful Band Websites Built For you.

We design, build, maintain, and secure websites that work for you. Focus on writing great songs and growing your platform. Let us take care of the rest.

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What’s Included

Everything you need from a website, and more.


Quick + Easy

It’s as easy as saying “let’s do this”, selecting your layout, and letting Virtue do the heavy lifting for you. This process will be fast and simple.


Personalized Design

Even though we’ll be working from a pre-built layout, we’ll strategically incorporate your logo, font, colors, and images to create a website that looks unique to you and your brand. 


Each Virtue Bands + Artists layout is crafted for and tested on desktop, tablet, and mobile. You can rest assured that your website will function flawlessly on any screen.

Easy Editing

Virtue Bands + Artists  will supply you with training resources that will make logging in and changing text, photos, and videos a breeze for you!

THIRD Party Integration

Virtue theme sites support integration of spotify, apple music, Bandsintown, youtube, vimeo, mailchimp, and more.

Track Key Metrics

Your site will come with an installation of google analytics. Learn more about who is visiting your website and what they’re paying attention to. 



You’ll never have to think about DNS, C-panels, servers, or renewals again. Your website comes with free premium hosting and Virtue will take care of it all for you. 


Safe + Secure

Your website comes with a free care plan to ensure your site is always protected, backed-up, and secure. 

reliable Support

Customer service is what Virtue Bands + Artists does best. Rest assured that if you have any questions or ongoing needs, Virtue will be there for you. 

We bUild it, you don't

The biggest difference between services like wix and squarespace and Virtue Bands + Artists is that we build the website for you. 

beautiful Layouts

Select one of our three professionally designed layouts, crafted specifically for bands and artists. 

Email Capture

Grow your fan and mailing list with email capture services on your website. 


content Updates

Never log into your website again. We’ll handle any content updates for you, up to one hour per month. 

Use your pre-existing Web Domain

Already have a web domain? No problem! We’ll connect your pre-existing domain to your website for you.  


Gigs List

Your website comes with free integration of Bandsintown. Your gigs will be displayed for all your fans to see. 

How It Works

1 – Get Started

It’s as easy as clicking the “contact us” button at the bottom of this page! As soon as we hear from you, we’ll send you an intro questionnaire and get your payment information setup.

2 – Select Layout

Next, you’ll choose one of our three professionally designed layouts. Your logo, brand colors, and copy will be used to transform the theme into a beautiful website that’s unique to you!

3 – Content

It’s time for you to send over the copy, content, and media that will be displayed on your website. We’ll display the content in a way that best serves your brand and chosen layout. 

4 – Building + Revisions

Once we’ve received all of your content, we’ll do the fun part – build your website! From here, we’ll go through two rounds of revisions to make sure everything looks perfect before launch!

5- Launch

Woohoo! We’ve done it! It’s time for your new website to go live! We’ll register your site with google and get you it up and rolling for the world to see. You now have a website that you can be proud of. 

6 – Ongoing Website Care

Your relationship with Virtue Bands + Artists doesn’t end once your site launches. We’ll continue to host, maintain, and secure your website forever, included in your monthly fee. 

We Understand the Music Industry

Virtue Bands + Artists is based in the suburbs of music city – Franklin, TN.

My name is Leah, owner and founder of Virtue Bands + Artists. I started Virtue Bands + Artists to serve music makers with high quality, yet affordable websites. My husband is a producer / songwriter and has a studio in our home. I hear songs as they are being written and produced every day, and if I’m feeling extra nice, I’ll even make coffee for a songwriting session. I’m personally friends with countless bands, artists, songwriters, producers, managers, and record label employees, and recognize the unique journey that you are on.

Virtue understands you and what you need from your website.

The Virtue Bands + Artists Difference

The biggest difference between Virtue and a “DIY” service like wix, squarespace, or Bandsintown is that Virtue Bands + Artists builds the website for you. After that, Virtue Artists + Bands will maintain and secure your site, and make any future content edits for you.

When you sign up for a Virtue Bands + Artists site, you don’t just sign up for a website. You gain a team-mate that’s now in your corner, with you every step of the way.


Skyler Layout

Daring | Dynamic | Modern | Imaginative

The Skyler layout provided clean and modern design. Skyler is for a band or artist looking to make a bold statement.  


  • Gradient background
  • Transparent Menu
  • Displays Your Instagram Feed

Lennon Layout

Timeless | Classy | Inspiring | Cheerful

The Lennon layout is a timeless

The Lennon layout combines a sophisticated and timeless design. Lennon is perfect for the band or artist wanting a clean and classic website.


  • Video Section
  • Highlights Link to Your Merch Store
  • Displays Your Instagram Feed

Hayden Layout

Minimalism | Photo-Centered | Intelligent | Successful

The Hayden layout combines simple design and dynamic full-width images. Hayden is for the artist or band wanting to make their photos the star!  


  • Centered Menu
  • Dynamic Full-Width Images
  • Links to Your Third Party Merch Store

Virtue Bands + Artists websites are professionally designed to the same standards as major-label artist websites.

The Virtue Bands + Artists Difference

The biggest difference between Virtue Bands + Artists and a “DIY” service like Wix or Squarespace is that Virtue Bands + Artists builds the website for you. After that, we will maintain and secure your site, and make any future content edits for you.


All Pricing Tiers Include Everything Stated Above


 Built For You

Beautiful Design

Bands In Town Integration

Premium Hosting

Daily WordPress & Plugin Update Checks

Weekly Site Backups

Bands In Town Integration

Security Updates

Google Analytics

1 Hour (Small Tasks*) of Content Update Time

Hassle Free! Managed by Virtue Design

*Small Tasks include any task that takes us less than 30 minutes to complete. A few examples include: adding a testimonial section, staff profile section, etc. Small tasks hours do not roll over and does not include advanced features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this so much more affordable than a fully-custom designed and developed website?

With a fully-custom site, it can take months of branding sessions, copywriting, wireframing, mockups, design, development, and usually teams of people to complete all of these tasks. This extensive process can certainly add up in cost, and can oftentimes leave the client wishing there was a simpler web design solution.

After building many websites, I’ve discovered what most small businesses / solo-prenerus need in a website that will work for them and yield a positive return on investment. Virtue Bands + Artists has created a streamlined workflow that is efficient and gives the business exactly what they need, right out of the gate. Additionally, your fixed, monthly fee gives you the peace of mind to know that Virtue Bands + Artists will always be a phone call or email away for any of your ongoing web needs.

Will my website look identical to several other websites?

Not at all! Virtue Bands + Artists will arrange your selected theme in a way that best serves your content and preserves your distinct edge. Additionally, your website will feature your brand’s fonts, colors, logos, and images. You will have a website that looks completely unique to you!

Do you supply content / copy for these websites?

No – all written copy, images, videos, and logos will be supplied by you. Virtue Bands + Artists will happily steer you in the right direction on website content, and will always supply high-quality stock photos as necessary.

Does this website come with a merch store?

Virtue Bands + Artists will link any third party merch store to your website! 

What’s the difference between a Virtue theme-based website and a service like wix or squarespace?

While there are some upsides to services like wix or squarespace, at the end of the day, you still have to build the website yourself. When you sign up for a Virtue Bands + Artists website, you are partnering with a web design professional – someone who will strategize with you, build a website for you, be your nerd-on-call, and bring your brand to life. Additionally, listed prices of services like wix and squarespace are generally base prices, meaning that additional features can cost more as you go. With a Virtue Bands + Artists site, you’ll never have to worry about hidden or additional costs. You simply pay your fixed, monthly fee.

What pages are included with a theme-based website?
Your website includes a home page and up to 4 additional pages (about, services, testimonials, contact, etc.)
What if I want features beyond the scope of a theme based website?
Features beyond the scope of “what’s included” are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me for more information.

Want to Get Started?

Virtue is ready to start the web design process with you!  Contact Virtue for more information regarding Virtue Artists + bands layouts!